The Safety Geek Podcast: Geeking Out About Workplace Safety

The Safety Geek Podcast: Geeking Out About Workplace Safety

Hosted by: Safety Brye

The Safety Geek coaches and trains workplace safety managers, who struggle with support and commitment, effective strategies to change their company’s culture and to become safety leaders. I am dedicated to helping...

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How Safety Managers Think About Their Profession and Safety Career

In this episode, I review what I learned about you and how safety managers think about their own career advancement. Let's talk survey results!   Show notes for this episode can be found at:...
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5 Not-To-Be-Missed Parts in an Injured Worker Light Duty Program

This week, we are discussing how to create a return to work program for your injured workers.  Having a fully-fledged out program for your company can make assigning light duty easy and it helps protect the company's...
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Creating a Professional Development Community

Links Mentioned: Take the Survey: Safety Management Academy:  -------- Thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode. If you liked it,...
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The Qwerky Rules in OSHA Recordability

This week we have some fun talking about the weird ins and out when it comes to recordability. Show notes for this episode can be found at: Links Mentioned: Read the regulation:...
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Safety Training When Your Audience Doesn't Speak The Language

It is an OSHA requirement that we conduct safety training in a manner to ensure that all employees understand.  So how do you handle workplaces with multiple languages or when You, or the Trainer, don't speak the...
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New Year is a Time To Set Your Career Goals

Happy New Year!  To kick off the New Year I shared what to expect from the Safety Geek in the upcoming year and what I'm focusing on. During this time of year, it's common to be working on Safety Goals for your...
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How to Become a Safety Leader Instead of a Safety Doer

There is a common misconception in management teams that it is the Safety Manager's job to "do safety."  In today's episode, I give you steps to take to make the transition from Safety Doer to Safety Leader.  The...
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Creating a Compliant Safety Incentive Program

Since 2016 there has been some back and forth on what constitutes a compliant safety incentive program.  In this episode, I share the timeline history and what you need to do to make sure your safety incentives won't...
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How to Stop Feeling Like You Don't Know What You're Doing

As Safety Managers we have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders and everyone looks to us to have all the answers.  This can create a feeling of imposter syndrome; where people see you one way, but inside you feel...
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The Conflict of Corporate Safety vs. Local Bosses

Today we talk about how to handle it when you have multiple bosses.  It can be tough to navigate office politics when you have a corporate entity expecting one thing and your direct report boss asking you to do...
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The Safety Geek is Back

It has been 9 months since a Safety Geek episode. Let me catch you up on what I have been up to. Links Mentioned: The Community Safety Management Academy...
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Four Easy Steps to the Basics of Safety Management

Episode #49

If you’re new to safety management and don’t know the basics of safety management, I’m here to help. Join me on this week’s episode to learn the four basic steps of safety management. For this week's show notes and...
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